Ws_connect - can I get host from core_found?

Hi, I’d like to try with core_found + ws_connect api instead of automatic discovery and connection.

The reason is I want to have control in case of more than 1 core is discovered AND I want to force re-connecting in case of Roon core lost (it happens to me randomly…)

When I log found core I get

<ref *2> Core {
  moo: <ref *1> Moo {
    transport: Transport {
      ws: [WebSocket],
      logger: [Logger],
      moo: [Circular *1],
      onopen: [Function (anonymous)],
      onclose: [Function (anonymous)],
      onmessage: [Function (anonymous)],
      _isonopencalled: true
    reqid: 2,
    subkey: 0,
    requests: { '1': [Object] },
    mooid: 1,
    logger: Logger { roonapi: [RoonApi] },
    core: [Circular *2]
  core_id: 'a86aa856-d439-4355-9ef6-cc496528363d',
  display_name: 'ananas',
  display_version: '1.7 (build 710) stable',
  services: {
    RoonApiTransport: RoonApiTransport { core: [Circular *2], _queues: {} },
    RoonApiImage: RoonApiImage { core: [Circular *2] },
    RoonApiBrowse: RoonApiBrowse { core: [Circular *2] }

Is it possible to retrieve host / port etc to provide it later to ws_connect? Or do I miss how this actually works?

Can you explain this?
At my house, a Roon Core does not suddenly pop up.

Lets say we deliver a product with ROCK distribution included, but there is a chance that our client already have roon core in the network. I’d like to somehow predict this scenario.

And if this is possible on the API side, I’d like to have control on connect/disconnect to core - currently discover API is doing this automatically and I have troubles to debug this (e.g what to do during disconnecting?)