WTB: Device for running ROCK

Hi, I’m after a device to run the ROCK OS. I believe a NUC can do this.
Has anyone got one for sale in the UK ?
I’m no technical person, so would love something I can just plug in and use as my Roon Core

Many Thanks, first post !

Search around on eBay. I think this would work fine, and though your music would be on an internal spinning disk instead of an SSD, you could always replace that. If you need advice on whether a specific would work, just ask around here (though probably not on the for sale section).

Worth double checking with others if this specific machine is fine, but I think it should be.

Good luck!

Thank you for your help

FWIW, this machine I posted about appears to be on the Roon listed set of currently supported hardware. I run my core on a NUC7i5.

Just in case - I will be selling my NUC fairly soon, but I managed to destroy a raspberry pi4 yesterday so the NUC is moonlighting as a streamer until a new rpi arrives. I will put it up on ebay and link here. I am in the UK too.

Thank you tahsu

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