I’d like to add the website www.radiofreeamerica.com, if possible.

Thank you,


That’s an interesting site - it appears to be a portal to a number of independent radio stations. I’ve checked a few and some are already in Roon. KCSM, WOMR, KSFR are there for instance, but not all. Were there any in particular you wanted?

Not especially - it was more the fact of the overall thing I was hoping for. But I can look more closely.

Yes, it does look a useful site; unfortunately we can’t add such portals, only the sites they point to.

Okay, I’ll explore over the next few days and report back.

I see your point, @Radio_Curators. There’s WAY too much to pick from, if I have to pick individual channels. Maybe just a random selection?

But while I’m at it, @Radio_Curators, could we have KXLU, the Loyola Marymount station, added?

Done. Please check.

Thank you. It doesn’t show up under “local radio”, but it’s there when I search for it.

I just realized that my most listened to station, KPFK, isn’t on Roon.

I’ve added KPFK. Please check.

Re KXLU, I’ve set geographical address as bang in the middle of LMU. How far away are you?

Thank you very much for adding KPFK.

I’m on the other side of town. KXLU doesn’t come in well over here - they must have a weak transmitter. It’s about 15-20 miles. LA is a big town.

Thanks again.

KXLU now shows up - and KPFK doesn’t. It’ll probably show up in a few hours.

Thank you.

You shouldn’t have to wait; radio updates happen straightaway.
I’ve just checked, KPFK is there. Are you searching directly (with the magnifying glass) or by local stations?

With the magnifying glass, AND local stations.

Well, that’s weird.
When in doubt - reboot. Want to give that a try?

I did a reload - the circular arrow in the upper left, whatever it’s called - and then it showed.


The sync icon. That’s interesting, I had thought that only affected Roon’s interaction with the streaming services. Well, you learn something everyday. Well done! Now enjoy the radio.

Any other stations of interest, please ask.

Will do! And again, thanks.

Oh! Now if you could only get radio the way it used to be! When WXPN in Philadelphia was the most amaaaazing station rather than another anonymous NPR outlet. But that’s 45 years ago…

…paused for a moment’s reflection.
“Tricky,” he said finally