WXPK 107.1 The Peak Stopped Working

Hi there. The referenced stream stopped working recently, “Unable to play this station. Its address may have changed, or it may be temporarily unavailable.” Their website is www.1071thepeak.com, and looks like the stream we have been using is http://provisioning.streamtheworld.com/pls/WXPKFMAAC.pls

Any idea? I posted about trouble with another stream some time ago, Brian kindly did something but that stream still quits after a second or two, I posted to the Support area to see if I could get the attention of someone from Roon, but I guess they don’t look at that area …

Hello @femanburch , yes, that URL doesn’t work any more.

I’ve added some new ones, try now.

How do you find those and update? Something I can do to avoid bothering you or the group?

First stream works, thanks!

Unfortunately, nothing straightforward - I hunt around with my bag of tricks. Don’t worry about contacting me - I don’t mind.

PS. Your other comment got me hunting around again for WCBS - I think I’ve found a couple of streams for you. They are lower quality than the one that causes issues, but they may suffice in the interim.

Appreciate the help @BrianW.

The additional WCBS streams still stop after a second or two. Weird!

Even the MP3?

Makes no sense

Let me bring in a friendly colleague and confirm it’s the station and Roon, not you.

@rugby - would you be so kind as to play WCBS please. Do you see the same issue?

Hi Brian,

I have played both the MP3 and AAC streams and had no issue. US here.

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Thank you Daniel.

So @femanburch , it seems the problem lies with your setup.

Need to get someone to reply to your support thread

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The plot thickens. Yeah, for me the MP3 stream starts but quits after a second or two.

Do the Roon people help with stuff like this? My setup is pretty straightforward, Roon Server running on macOS Catalina, an assortment of Meridian endpoints, everything hard-wired, Ubiquiti network gear.

I just spent the last 10 min listening to it. No drop outs or other issues. The MP3 stream.

I’m not crazy. @BrianW said he had the same problem with this particular station (but maybe not for the MP3 stream). @Rugby, can you play the AAC streams for this guy?

I only had problems with the .m3u8 stream. The others were OK.