Wyred 4 Sound PS-1 Modular Linear Power Supply

HI does anyone have any experience of this new power supply or even seen a review for it yet?

Looks interesting a linear power supply that can feed up to 4 different devices with different voltages.
Could simultaneously feed a microrendu or sms-200, DAC, …router… Price wise compares favourably to an Ultracap, SBooster etc.

Open mind but do wonder how much of a compromise it might be.
Its available to order but regards availability not sure and strange so little coverage out there at present.


I have one and it works as advertised but you have to plan carefully, because the current is limited. They have a high current module under development but it isn’t shipping yet. So for the time being the modules are limited to devices that won’t draw more than 1.5a. I am using it for an Exasound DAC but I’m unable to use it with the Exasound PlayPoint until the high current module ships (I have one on order). The other note is that you need to make use to get the right DC power cables. I needed a mix of 2.5mm and 2.1mm. You need to order them when you order the modules, so plan wisely.


Thanks good guidance that probably would not be apparent otherwise

From the W4S website, it looks like the high-current modules are shipping. @ksalno, does the PlayPoint take a 2.1mm connector? I know my e32 takes a 2.5mm connector, but that info for the PP seems to be missing from the documentation.

It’s worth noting that the W4S PS-1 is kind of pricey, compared with two TeddyPardo units I’m looking at as an alternative. (The PS-1 was on sale around Xmas–New Year’s and that made it more price-competitive, but without the “1 free module” deal, I wonder if the price difference is worth it for what one gets?)

David, I’m pretty sure that both the PlayPoint and the E32 have a 2.1mm power connector. I know the website says 2.5mm, but I had a W4S 2.5mm cable that didn’t fit. I had to dig up a smaller cable from my collection to power the E32. I’ll look at it more closely tonight to confirm. PlayPoint and E32 are the same dimension whatever it is. I have a high current module on backorder and I can assure you they are not shipping yet and there is no ETA. I did buy my unit during the winter pre-sale, so I got the free module.


If you have more than one low power draw device, then it seems like a “no brainer” to me. I’m very happy with mine.

Ick. I hate mistakes like that (too many years in editorial). I can check with exa before I do any purchasing. I was going to do that anyway.

It’s definitely a better deal if you have only low-power devices. The high-current module is what drives up the price, plus if you get one regular-current and one high-current module, which is what you need with an exaSound DAC and the PlayPoint, you’re at the upper limit of what W4S says you can put in the PS-1 — that raises a reddish flag for me, especially since I don’t have any idea of how the PS-1’s impact on SQ would compare with that from LPSes from any of the other “major” LPS brands.

(Nothing against W4S. I have their pre-amp and I’m quite happy with it. I also used to use their ST-500 power amp, and that’s a good value, IMO. If anyone wants mine —it’s not a Mk II — it’s for sale.)

Saw that Review too, nice to hear that the Combo seems to work really well. I´m waiting for the SOtM sPS-500 before i decide which one to choose.

Darko has a pretty thorough review of the W4S PS-1:

Meanwhile, I seem to be on the waiting list for an Uptone JS-2. I just couldn’t resist Alex’s pitch.

Old thread, but I’ll add to it. I picked one up used and it works well. I purchased mine with three low amperage modules (1 amp). The modules are purchased separately and normally run $125 each at W4S. I’m driving a 12v headphone amp, a microrendu, and a Ultradigital converter. The voltage switch up is simple. Remove the module from the rear panel with twp phillips head screws, change the voltage switch to the desired setting (5,9,12,15v) and reinsert and secure with the screws. Very well thought out device. Typical W4S high quality build.

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