X Hidden Behind Album Art

When the Roon window is a certain size the X to close an enlarged album art image can be hidden behind the image. Also, when it appears through the image it still isn’t in front of the image because clicking it just makes the image larger or a tiny bit smaller.

Totally gone:

Present but doesn’t work:


Thanks for the report, @ComputerAudiophile — I’ve sent this to the QA team for further investigation.

Hello, @ComputerAudiophile .
Can You, please, try to:

  1. Relaunch Your Mac OS X client
  2. Go to accordant Album Cover and see if issue is still appears
  3. See if this issue appears on any other Album cover

Thanks in advance for any clarifications!

Now I can’t make the issue happen.

Hello @ComputerAudiophile
Thanks for letting us know, unfortunatelly our QA dept wasn’t able to reproduce this issue either.
If You happen to see this state again - please let us know.
Regards, Mark

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