X86 Android support

@Rik my apologies, you are absolutely correct.


@Ratbert No problem at all - you had me excited for a second.

The Slate 21 pro does look nice & quite cheap second hand. Do you like it as a remote (It’s the only app I’d install)?


Hi @Rik, Intel Android devices are not supported at the moment. Sorry I don’t know where it is in the pipeline.


When I saw the Android app had been released this morning I arranged to borrow this from work, full test tonight and I will report back on how it performed tomorrow.



Ok, tested the HP Slate 21 pro as a remote connecting to a Windows 7 laptop server, it worked well the touchscreen was responsive and the interface easy to read and to navigate, it seemed stable and throughout the evening of testing it did not appear to crash, I think it is well worth trying as it provides a 21 inch touchscreen interface for under £300.00.
I still think a 21 inch Android tablet is weird and wouldn’t normally choose to buy it, however as a single purpose Roon remote that is quiet (no spinning disk) quick to boot, it might make sense.

Disclaimer: I work for HP but have no vested interest in the HP Slate, (I run Mac’s)


Definitely very good value Russ… But have you divulged the Weight yet?? :wink:

496kg’s at least :open_mouth: not really but that’s what it felt like, definitely not a handheld device, but as a desktop touchscreen Roon remote I think it has merit, just make sure it is a well made desk!!



Any update on when Android/Intel tablets will be supported?
I’ve got two, and it doesn’t really make sense for me to buy a subscription if I can’t use Roon on my tablets.

So no one at Roon willing to give us an idea when Android/Intel tablets will be supported?

@danny2 - we don’t give timelines anymore. Bad experiences.

Also, this exists in build 94. Should be in the Google Play Store in the next few hours or up to a day.

I’m running it on a not-yet-released Intel tablet, and it is awesomely fast.

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already got the update on one device.

@danny can you let us know when a new build is updated on the download link here? I am eager to try this on my Nexus Player.

they are up.

That was quick thanks.

Got it loaded on to my Nexus player but not able to get past the initial screen with just the remote alone. Already purchased a cheap bluetooth keyboard with track pad to see if i can use that to set it up there.


Lots of thanks.
I subscribed to Roon based on the knowledge this was coming. I now am running Roon on a 13.3 inch Intel based tablet and it looks great! Works great, too.
I totally appreciate that you guys at Roon are responsive to customer needs, and also take the time to communicate to users.

Hi Danny and the whole Roon team

That’s good news for me, because that will give me at least one more Tablet to control Roon :sunglasses:

Thanks for the unexpected “present”.
I really didn’t count on ever being able to use my trusty old Galaxy Tab 3 as a remote and had to buy a HTC Nexus 9 back then.
Such a nice surprise :+1:

That is fantastic news - there are some absolute bargain Intel based tablets available at the moment - with quite reasonable specs (CPU / GPU / Screen size & DPI).


Yes. Just make sure they have Open GL 3.0 support.

I using the Roon endpoint on an Android 4.4 Minix Neo 8H Media Hub into a 42" LCD television.

It works like a charm, connecting to my Windows server across the WiFi network.

I am controlling the GUI with a Gyroscopic Air Mouse from about 15 feet away on the couch.

While the experience is very similar to the Windows desktop screen experience, I am frustrated that the Roon Labs developers are not supporting the left/right scroll functions of the air mouse to browser between the albums.
This functionality works perfectly on the Windows endpoint when I connect my laptop to the TV and use the same Gyroscopic Air Mouse.

While the Android build has a horizontal scroll bar across the albums and start/end selector options … the absence of cached left/right scrolling is a major navigation oversight.

Please consider this functionality on the next Android release.

Hit those buttons and get @vova the logs from your Android device. Android is probably getting weird keys for those buttons that we just need to remap.

Thanks Danny … I will grab the logs this weekend and send them through to @vova