Xbox One Roon App

Spotify is now available on Xbox One, this is not the Connect app but a full fledge app. It is not that great of an app but hey it is a start.

I guess soon there will also be a Tidal app.

It would sure be nice if there was a Roon app for the Xbox One like the one that is available on the iPhone, iPad, Droid phones and tablets.

I would think that this would be a huge new targeted audience for Roon.



+1, but first get random play and radio working better

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Since Roon runs in Windows I would have thought it could easily run on the Xbox. Im moving my Plex install to a new Xbox one x and I’d love to have the Xbox as an end point.

Is this planned?

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+1 for xbox roon end point sup…since playstation will never happen


This would be fantastic.


After 5 years this seems to be have been ignored. A roon app on Xbox would indeed be useful.