Xfer files to SSD installed in my Nucleus

I installed and formatted an SSD in the Nucleus my nucleus, so now I am ready to export the files to the drive. I’ve read the threads on exporting/importing files on the Roon support page, but I have a problem. I can see the Nucleus recognized on my network, so I went to the Data/storage subfolder, which I assumed must point to the SSD. However, checking for Properties it shows 0 bytes. So presumably that doesn’t refer to the SSD? Where do I find it?

Hi @David_Ballon,

Can you share a screenshot of this folder and the Properties issue you mentioned?

Thanks for getting back. I took the screenshot but I don’t see how to attach it here!

Found it.

That is showing you how much disc space has been taken up with your files and folders. Since you haven’t actually stored anything on the SSD, it’s currently empty - so there are zero bytes allocated to your files and folders…

Well, I did consider that, but in every other instance where I’ve checked space you get two readings - used vs available. Here there is no indication of the latter. But in any case, if you tell me I should just drag-and-drop the music files to that file lableled “Storage” I will do that. I just wanted to make sure I’ve identified the correct target.

Only on drives, AFAIK, not on folders. And you can drag and drop files to that folder labeled “InternalStorage” - it is the correct target.

Edited to name the correct folder

I am now frustrated beyond words. I successfully formatted the SSD and tried copying all the music files from my desktop drive to the “Storage” folder, thinking that was the correct target, as you indeed confirmed. But copying job abruptly stopped not long after it started and just a short way through the process, and popped up a message saying there wasn’t enough space. (I didn’t remember to take a screen shot of that.) Huh?! My entire library of CDs takes up way less space - maybe 25-30% - than the 2T on the drive. So I checked System Status and observed that under “Internal Music Storage.” It says “OK” - and also indicates that 100% of the 2T is still available. So obviously “Storage” folder, whatever it is, doesn’t corresponds to the SSD, or else on Roon it wouldn’t register as completely unused.

As you probably have sussed out by now, I am no tech expert, just familiar with basics. Can’t a live human being on your support staff can call me?! Or I will call one of you, but I have no idea how to do that.

My apologies - it’s the InternalStorage folder that is the correct location. The Storage folder is the folder that holds both the InternalStorage folder and folders of any external drives that may be attached to the Nucleus.

Your screenshot showed the InternalStorage folder, and I assumed that was what you were going to drag and drop your files to. I missed that you referred to the Storage folder in your previous message.

The Nucleus manual in the Knowledge Base contains a section on copying files to the Nucleus.

I read the instructions on the link you sent (screenshot of details attached). However, there is no "Internal Storage Folder included under “Storage”, as you will see in the second screenshot here. On the one hand that suggests to me that Roon doesn’t recognize the SSD I installed; but on the other hand I was able easily to format it and got the expected confirmation afterwards, so must have recognized it.

What next?

Right, let’s take this one step at a time.

  1. On a Nucleus, you have the possibility of data storage.
  2. If you have an internal 2.5 inch storage drive fitted (which can be either Hard drive (HDD) or Solid-State drive (SSD) technology), and you have formatted it using the web administration interface, then this will show up in Windows File Explorer as a folder called “InternalStorage” (minus the quotes).
  3. In that screenshot of the Roon Storage Settings, the folder pointed to by the red arrow is the internal storage folder of the Nucleus. Roon shows it as “Music Folder” - because that’s the default name for the default folder used by Roon for music storage across the various operating systems used by Roon.
  4. Because you are using a Nucleus, then that default Music Folder is the same folder known in the Windows File Explorer as \\NUCLEUS\Data\Storage\InternalStorage (the folder that you showed in your screenshot in an earlier message.
  5. That is the folder to which you should copy (or drag and drop) your music files from wherever they are held currently to this folder in order to transfer them into the internal storage of the Nucleus.

I get it, and it all makes sense. The problem I’m having is that the sub-folder “Internal Storage” no longer appears. I checked my earlier screenshot and I see you’re right; it did appear then. But it no longer does. (See the screenshot from today.)

I have no idea why not. A day or two ago I re-formatted the SSD, thinking maybe there was a problem there, but it didn’t help. I will try that one more time but having done it once that’s probably not the solution. What do I do now?

Ah! - So here’s the issue. I see that the internal storage is “disabled.” See the first screenshot. I don’t know why or what to do, but I clicked on add folder, and found the second screenshot showing that there is no folder listed to click on. I am baffled.

So on the screen where it says “Disabled”, you can see the “3 dots” option menu on the right. Click that and choose the re-enable option. I suspect then you will see the folder back in Windows File Explorer.

I do appreciate your sticking with this. I was so sure this would do it. Alas, one problem just leads to the next. So, I did what you suggested, but it wouldn’t recognize the drive. See the four screenshots attached here. Should I reformat (again) the drive?

That first screenshot (can’t access \\Nucleus) seems to point to a network issue, whereby Windows File Explorer can no longer see the Nucleus over the network, yet the Roon client can (because it’s showing the Music Folder screen). I don’t think you need to re-format the drive in the Nucleus again. Let’s try the old reboot trick - reboot both your PC and the Nucleus and see what happens.

OK. I will do that and get back to you…

OK - it’s almost my dinnertime here. I’ll respond later this evening…

Dinner? Fair enough! In the meantime: success! At least in getting the Internal Storage drive to reappear. Now the only question is whether the files will transfer successfully. On to try that now…

It took quite a long time and a lot of steps, but…“success!” Just to be sure everything transfered, I checked to make sure the source folder and internal storage folder address the same size. They are.

One last question: can I rename the Roon folder?