Yamaha RX-V733 AV Receiver Connects to Roon via Airplay

Had a win yesterday.

I have a Yamaha RX-V733 AV Receiver, which is the heart of my 5.1 channel Audio Visual system in the lounge room. It has a Burr-Brown 192/24 bit DAC inside, plus it’s connected onto my network.

Now I’ve never used any of the network features of this receiver, but supposedly it could find my NAS, play Internet radio, and support Apple Airplay. So I wondered, could I connect Roon to the RX-V733 and send my music to the receiver under Roon control.

Well sure enough Roon was reporting that it could see the RX-V773 as an Airplay device. A few seconds later, it was working.

Okay, so the stereo sound on the AV system isn’t fantastic, but it will do. Thus I now have four Roon connected sound systems. Just my vintage stereo Hi-Fi setup and kitchen system yet to be Roon connected.


I just noticed my Marantz SR6008 is visible as an AirPlay device now too. I’m going to check it out later this morning. Pretty fortuitous because my Mytek Brooklyn DAC is on the fritz.

Hi in my Yamaha R-N803D roon plays with only 44.1 kHz by AirPlay. It depends on Trial or full version? My AirPlay still works do 96 kHz. So what is problem? I use synology with Roon core 2.0

As far as I am aware Roon only supports 16/44 via Airplay.

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Its possible make connection via Roon and Yamaha like musiccast or DLNA like MinimServer has? In my MinimServer all files play max like dac want 5,6 Mhz max

Roon doesn’t support DNLA for many reasons and it never will, MusiCast is not supported as they are not open to this. Roon supports its own transport RAAT for Roon Ready devices and via USB, AirPlay, Chromecast, Sonos, Kef, Linn and others

There are 3rd party plug-ins called extensions that bridge UPnP to Roon but with caveats but won’t be supported by Roons support teams only the 3rd part devs.

You can connect via your computer via HDMI to get higher quality or USB Audio Class 2 if it supports that. Other than that your limited to AirPlay and it only supports 44.1 or connecting another device to its digital inputs that Roon supports.

Thank You for Your quick response. I will be waiting till Yamaha change his rules and give support to musiccast or Roon company decide to add uPnP Audio to Yours system like MinimServer has MinimServer features I don’t want spend money to buy some bridge.
Perhaps you will change your mind about further expanding your great ecosystem and expand its capabilities to make it work with more audio systems like Yamaha DAC or Denon receivers.

Or they make their devices Roon Ready which is the preferred choice. Balls in their court. Roon will never support DNLA UPnP the designers have said this from day one. It’s why the created their own transport.

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