Yanni or Laurel or MQA?

Befitting my age, I heard Laurel.

Gold dress or blue dress?

MQA improves SQ or MQA doesn’t improve SQ? :laughing:

Three examples of beliefs that are unresolvable, idiosyncratic, and ultimately unimportant.

I heard Yanni but that was in the car. Both words are there but at different pitch.

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I’ve heard both and with SWMBO heard the same and opposite to her.

All you golden eared audiophiles, have a listen here and post your results, let’s see just how reliable your hearing is (anticipating only a handful of you will actually post your results here):

I make no claim to have golden ears, quite the opposite in fact at my age, and I only hear “Yanny”…

I have heard both at different times.

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Only tried this on my headphones and I suffer from tinnitus.

I hear Laurel, 100%, both times I tried it.

Can’t even fathom that it could be Yanny. :smile:

I have heard both. Yanni in my car, Laurel on my tablet.

If you hear “Yanny” you have better ears than if you only hear “Laurel”.

I’ve read that you have to hear above 4kHz to hear Yanny. I haven’t tried it, but you could play the track manipulating FR in DSP equalizer to test.

That’s interesting, my tinnitus has wiped out the high frequencies in my left ear. I have high pitched buzzing and whistling.

Yanny when I played it on my phone speaker and Laurel when I put the headphones in. And whilst I get why that is happening and that all we see and hear is perception it is still weird and disturbing.

That would make sense presumably because the the phone speaker won’t extend very low.

Absolutely bizarre, just showed my wife this. I heard Yanny this time, she heard Laurel.

I only head Laurel. Then watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBDcb9xpmZM I use the same software at work.