Yearly Membership Refund If Transferring To Lifetime [resolved: no refunds on switching to lifetime]

Hi All, I’ve been enjoying my subscription to Roon very much. So much so I was thinking of transferring to a Lifetime membership. I have 6 months left on my yearly subscription and wondered if that can be refunded if I switch to a Lifetime plan.

Thanks In Advance

The short answer is, not after 6 months, but tagging @accounts for this.

Until then, from the horse’s mouth.

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This information is in the questions area from the bottom of I just went there and pasted the relevant part here:

If you switch during the first 30 days after a charge for a yearly subscription, you will only pay the difference, $580.11. At any other time, or if you’re switching from a monthly subscription, you will pay the full $699.99. No full or partial refunds will be granted for prior payments.

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Thanks very much much for the info, much appreciated.


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