Yes but, no but, yes but . .

This could hardly be a more famous Classical work and yet basic Composer metadata is contradictory and confused.

Is it Albinoni or not Albinoni? I seem to have versions coming through which comply with this but then Albinoni is credited with a “Previous Attribution” and Giazotto as composer. This means that there will then be no composition match.

The only way to get a composition match is to credit Albinoni as Composer and Giazotto as Arranger which is basically nonsense. Can there be some kind of logical consistency, especially with something as ubiquitous, mainstream and popular as this?

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Hi @Tony_Casey,

I’ve reached out to our metadata provider about this and asked that they revisit this composition’s data. I’ll be sure to follow up once I’ve received their response.

Thanks for the report!

Thanks . . .

Just leaving props for the “Little Britain” reference, Tony!!!


:+1: We have left our mark!