Yes, Fragile Album, Rounabout, Buzzing sound at opening?

I’m listening subject song and am hearing a faint buzz at the very opening of Roundabout. On both the 96 K and MQA versions. Listening thru Monoprice planar headphones connected to NAD 3050 LE. I don’t think the problem is in my headphones, because when that guitar chord repeats later in the song, no buzz. Just at the beginning.

Thanks for making me listen to this track again. Great tune, sound quality is excellent. One of the things I love about classic prog is the soundstage and imaging.

No buzzing or anything un-perfect that I can hear. I’m listening to 96/24 from Qobuz.

Thanks for the quick reply. I switched to my Sennheiser Momentum headyusing Bluetooth, so the buzz must be coming from the planar headphones or wired connection back to the NAD 3050 LE

Ditto all versions silent at very start, High Vibration and Steven Wilson plus 2 on Tidal