Yes/No buttons (Build 147)

… can we, please, have the old ones back? :stuck_out_tongue:

new ones are tiny, harder to use and more prone at leading to confusion
old ones were also consistent with Roon UI, new ones are not

thanks :wink:

… or, please, at least add Yes/No labels :wink:

they were changed because the old ones were confusing as to what was clickable and what was yes and what was no… many complaints about them.

we just copied the stock design from ios/android here – so if you use a phone, you’ve probably familiar with how these work

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seems to me that being those the very first buttons a user sees when opening Roon preferences… the new layout requires thinking about how enabled/disabled is represented in Roon (no idea on Android but… in iOS colour for enabled is green, which is more obvious :wink: )

it all becomes clear once the user sees also the square ones and understands blue is enabled and grey disabled

then it all starts all over again when one comes back, weeks or months later (no frequent need, in Roon, to tinker with prefs)

may I suggest again to at least add yes/no labels? :slight_smile:


I think the new toggles are fine functionality-wise, but to be fair – at least on iOS they are 4 times bigger. On my Mac some precision mousing is easy, but on my phone it’s really pretty hard to switch a toggle (admitted – I’ve got large mitts, but then again – also an iPhone 6+ :-)).

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and also… throw is longer in iOS, whilst here is really the very bare minimum :frowning:

the label is clickable, and the hit area is the same vertical size as the previous buttons

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still… think of colour-blind people :wink:

or… a drop-down “Yes/No” menu, as all other buttons underneath :wink:

I instinctively wanted to slide the switches. Using the touch areas works better indeed. Still, like @pl_svn says, the throw could be longer, allowing for larger targets.

Then again – I rarely flip switches in Roon on my iPhone, so it’s really not a big deal (for me).

To me it is really hard to tell what is on and off now. I think this is a step backwards on the UI.

To me this does not really work like IOS which fills the slider bar when things are on and leaves the clear when they are off. In both options here the slider is filled but with different colors. In IOS the button does not change color as it moves across.

How about using the alternate option in IOS for on/off labels of having an “i” or “o” on the slider but maybe putting it in the button? This would help me a lot.

Yes don’t really understand the problem with this, surely you only set these when you first install Roon and set up then leave them where they are.