Yet again I cannot log onto QoBuz receiving a network connection error when I try and it does not matter which device I use to do this

I have exactly the same issue time and time again with my Roon Nucleus+ core AND this is not the first time. What I discovered was the “problem” lay in an advance setting on my Broadband Router. But it took some ferreting out.
Yes I can connect directly to my Qobuz account; I am running Roon 1.8 and YES I rebooted my Nucleus + Core it after the update was complete; AND the DNS settings on my router are set to – I will come back to this.
My Roon Core + is connected by 10GB Ethernet and there are NO ports, services or IP addresses blocked at any point in my network upstream of the Core. I have ~80 Mbps service on my EERO mesh network and Ping 6.0 - 8.0ms. All my other ethernet devices work just fine as do my devices connected via wifi.
It does not make any difference if I use the Roon App on my phone, iPad or on my MacBookPro. ALL are the latest generation.
This is NOT the first time I have had this problem and so I want to know WHY the keeps happening and what I can do to FIX it once and for all time ?
I was fully aware that I was not the only one with this issue - I have read the most recent of these and NONE of the answers provided helped me.
ONE exception - deep in the advance settings of my Broadband Router I discovered the “Default DMZ Server” settings and when I set these to I finally could log on again and access Qobuz as a service on Roon.
So if anyone else has the problem - I suggest you skip over the just blame Roon or Qobuz (as I did) and check that the Default DMZ Server" settings (or equivalent) on your Broadband or ADSL router are set to and nothing else in your network blocks or replaces these. I spoke to my Broadband provider and “discovered” that these settings can reset when they push updates to their router.

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Resolved for now.

So in the end it was a network issue and not a Roon issue correct?

Glad you got it resolved and enjoy the music!

I would agree - except it is back again and it does not matter what device I try I simply cannot log onto my Qobuz account via Roon AGAIN !!

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It is your core (i presume) that is not able to connect and is showing this on all remotes you use.
Are you sure your core is resolving the necessary hosts it needs to connect to?
In other words, are your DNS settings correct?

@Andy_Miller1 i would actually try to get a network person from your isp, not a ‘customer service’ person, but a level 2 tech if you can, and go over your system setup and settings.

i can’t really diagnose the issue from here, but one thing i can say is that your dmz server should not be 8888, which is google’s dns server. dmz server will be a node on your network that is free and open to the internet, no blocked ports. that is not what you want or what you are doing by setting it to 8888. so there’s that. and because of that misunderstanding in the configuration i would guess that there are other issues with configuration that maybe affecting the reliability of your roon setup.

like i said, i can’t diagnose from here, but one question i have off the bat, are all your devices on the same subnet? and are you very sure you don’t have more than one dhcp server configured and you are not reusing any ip addresses? … those are the culprits i would look into first. fwiw.

one other thought, if this is really just about logging into qobuz and the rest of the local network works fine, is : do you have any blocked ip addresses in your firewall? perhaps qobuz’s servers are in a block of blocked ip’s that you may have forgotten about…? just a thought.