Yet another computer with a failed USB!

Right, but my dac draws power from the wall, not the computer.

But the facts, science, and engineering is all on one side. :smirk:

An amusing, tautological statement. :slight_smile:

Facts, science, and engineering are not synonomous. How does one quote something.

It’s a cable with a specific function. I had issues with power to my Micro iDSD, I was getting lots of noise in. When I got the iUSB I decided to get the Gemini cable instead of having to deal with custom cable. Couldn’t be happier!

No, but they are co-terminal.

Ask you asked - the results of my Vanguard double headed USB cable experience.

Cable seems to be of good quality, with a braided sheath and strain relief on all connectors. I listened for 6 hours, almost continuously, the 1st day and could detect no artifacts, e.g. buzzing, hums, harshness, etc. Does it make a distinct positive difference? Dunno, my audio memory is poor, but it doesn’t hurt. The cables are made in Hong Kong, probably in the same factory that makes the Gemini. :slight_smile: At $50, it’s worth a try.

Of more interest is the Audiocadabra cable. Definitely a boutique style, in that there is no sheathing and the individual wires are artfully braided. The wire gauge looks pretty small, but having never dissected any sheathed USB cable, I don’t know if it’s any smaller than others. I’ll have to let an electrical engineer pass judgement on that and the lack of sheathing. Audiocadbra is the only vendor that has an option for USB A connection, which you will need for your iDSD. They also make a power isolation single headed USB, in which the power cable is separated out, separated in the sense of distance only, from the data transmission cables. Don’t know if this is an effective solution to interference or not, again topic for E.E. Audiocadabra cables are more expensive than Vanfguard, but less expensive than Gemini. Think Audioquest pricing. Guess I’ll try a pair in my most capable endpoint.

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@xxx Thanks for your sharing your experience!