Yet another "crash after update" with 4/11/22 update

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core on QNAP 451+
Win 10 client
Oppo 203 “Roon Ready”

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Everything wired into Netgear unmanaged switch

Connected Audio Devices

Ethernet NAS to Oppo
Wireless Win 10 running Roon client
HDMI Oppo to Pioneer SC95

Number of Tracks in Library

10,000 tracks [estimate]

Description of Issue

Opened Roon this afternoon and got the little blue “Update Available” box. Clicked upgrade & got little moving Roon bauble for a couple of minutes then usual screen
Picked playlist, selected song and chose “Play from here.”
Song played for 15 seconds then Roon crashed and disappeared from desktop. Reopening resulted in empty screen - no audio zones, no albums, etc.
Stopping and restarting Roon on the NAS accomplished nothing. Restarting entire NAS brought everything back.

An observation I also had to make.

  1. start wrong audio devices (WASAPI under Linux :wink:
  2. start no audio devices
  3. start correct audio devices (ALSA)

Sorry, but I don’t understand the point you are making.

my 2. point

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