Yet another importing issue/question

I have my music on a NAS. I recently discovered that a few albums will not import. I’ve tried renaming the files, renaming the folder, changing the meta data but nothing helps. The strange thing is that I used the same SW to rip other albums in the same collection (Acoustic Chill, vol 1-4, various artists) at the same time. The other 3 volumes did get imported fine but Vol. 2 will not. I forced a library rescan in Roon but still no luck. Roon is monitoring my NAS just fine. I ripped two new various artists albums this morning and they imported.

Any ideas?

Give this a read first, and if you’re still stuck let us know and we can help gather some more information.


Thank you, I did visit that link and my files do not have any of those issues. I have also verified that other music programs I use such as BubbleUPnP, Subsonic, and JRiver are able to import this album.

Here is the link to one of the files:

@tboooe ---- Thank for your feedback. Our developers are working on a file manager type functionality to make the overall user experience better.

Can you please describe, in detail (as highlighted here) your current setup. The more detail we have about your operating system, the gear you are using, how / where your files are being stored will make it easier to determine the source of the problem.


Here is my setup:

what version of Roon you are running - v 1.2 server
What operating system you are running (Windows 7; OSX 10.9; etc) - Server Essential R2
Basic information about the device you’re using (MacBook Pro 2011 w 4gb of RAM; HP Envy laptop w i7; etc).- i7 3770s, 8gb RAM, SSD
Describe where your music is stored – music stored on NAS accessed wirelessly
Let us know your collection size (approximate number of tracks) - 40K library

@tboooe ---- Thank you for the feedback. I would like to gather some logs from you to take a closer look into this issue but first can you please confirm the path of the missing files? One or two examples would suffice, thanks!


Thank you Eric.

Here is the exact path of the missing album and files.

Album path:
\NAS_1\Music\Music\Various Artists\Acoustic Chill, Vol. 2 - 2004

File path:
\NAS_1\Music\Music\Various Artists\Acoustic Chill, Vol. 2 - 2004\Alison Krauss & Union Station - Acoustic Chill, Vol. 2 (2004) - 03_When You Say Nothing at All.flac

@tboooe ----- Thank you for the sample file paths. I still would like to grab some logs from you to determine the cause of this issue, will be contacting you momentarily via PM. Thanks!