Yet another thread roon no adding my files

hi guys,

need help here. i’ve tried so many ways by setting file preferences in import settings to prefer file etc… out of 14k files. give is and take… … roon only adds 107 tracks. i’m out of idea. and i don’t plan to change any of my file names are other software adds the file normally without issue.

most of my files are in FLAC format.


Are they showing up in Settings>Library>Skipped Files?

Do your files have metadata tags?

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Can we see a typical set of file names ? Maybe something is named so that Roon cannot recognize it ??

Are they in Chinese characters ?

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nah… they are english…

nope… just a few entries that does not have anything to do with the files.

i can see that it’s trying to read those files… but only 107 out of 14k is being processed

now i do realise that whatever i add into my local PC musics folder, it gets read correctly.
why my network accessed folder aren’t working ?

i have no idea what happend… i came across an issue by one member with similiar situation… i copy the files within the NAS, re-share the whole folder. and it worked… cut and paste doesn’t work. so… doing that for over 1TB of files is pain in the ass.

Hi @Chun_Beng_Lim,

We’re glad to hear that you’ve been able to add/index the files, but we’re certainly sorry to hear you were forced to resort to this laborious workaround.

Can you share the names of a few albums that failed to import from your screenshot above in your Watched Folder location on the NAS? Additionally, did you restart your RoonServer machine at any point while pursuing the copy/paste workaround?

Thank you!