Yet another track misspelling (Levine's 1988 "Die Walküre")

On the 1988 James Levine “Die Walküre,” Disc 1 Track 2 has a misspelling (see below). The track title should be “Wes Herd dies auch sei, hier muss ich rasten” (seeüre/release/11407302 for corroboration).

(Solti’s classic, 1965 “Die Walküre” has this problem, too: “Wess” instead of “Wes.” Ditto Solti’s “Siegfried,” Disc 1 Track 10.)

Also, Disc 2 Track 7, “verlich” when it should be “verblich.”

(Again, the Solti album has “verlich” versus “verblich” mistake, in Disc 2 Track 10.)

Also, Disc 3 Track 5, “Süsstes” when it should be “Süssetes.”

And, yes, again, Track Editor shows correct information for Title in all cases (but only in the second alternative for Disc 3 Track 5).

(The Solti “Gotterdammerung” has numerous track title errors. Compare to the alternative Titles in Track Editor for each track.)

Slight change of focus: Track title Disc 4 Track 4 is “Wo is Brünnhild’, wo die Verbrecherin.” But this, whilst in the track, is in the second scene. It’d make a lot more sense for Title to be “Steh Brünnhid’” that begins the track and is in the first scene. (See again the DisCogs link above for corroboration.) And, in Track Editor, it is “Steh Brünnhid’” in both Title alternatives!