Yggy versus (Multibit) Gumby Redux

My apologies if this is well-worn turf (I think I’ve read most posts on these two DACs), but I have a slightly different question:

For those that have made or pondered the decision to buy one or the other, what pushed you towards or away from the higher-priced (delta $1,000) Yggy? Focus on this admittedly narrow question.

I’ll go first. Schiit says the Yggy chips (4 in each box) are “outrageously expensive.” In round terms, they are about $50 more than Gumby’s times four equals $200 in materials cost. Add markup (300-500%??) and the chips alone can explain most or all of the price differential.

There are also more input types on the Yggy, beefier power supplies, and TWICE as much weight (11 vs. 25 pounds!!) Same clock, same proprietary algorithm, same performance specs.

None of the above really moves me one way or the other. Sure, the Yggy has “better” chips, but where is that betterness revealed? I’m left with the somewhat lame rationale that the Yggy is a top-of-the-line DAC for a top-of-the-line guy, or some other ego-driven equivalent. And that’s okay: I frequently “overbuy” because, as the L’Oreal ad once said, “I’m worth it.”

But are there better rationales floating about? And while I’m at it, what about Schiit’s refusal to play the MQA & DSD “games”? Disclaimer: no bricks being thrown. Just trying to learn something. Thanks.

I had the Gumby and Yggy in my home for a year and kept the Yggy . Better resolution , soundstage , livelier , sounded more like live music to me .
The Gumby was less resolving , warmer sounding but still a very good dac .

I felt the extra 1k was completely worth it .

Schiit came right out of the gate saying they wouldn’t focus on MQA, talking about enjoying the music you have versus looking to repurchase your catalog or stream. I have a Gumby and its a great DAC. Was looking for a used Yggy, and a mint used Gumby fell into my lap at a great price. The owners of Yggys sure do like them. If you’re the upgrading type, buy yourself a new Yggy with the Gen5 USB (and avoid having to turn the Gumby used since you’ll lose about 25%).


Watch a Yggy being built!


Watch Schiit talk to Darko, they get into MQA beginning near the middle. But give it a whole listen to get the gist.


Robert, I like that line of reasoning. Question is, will the wife like it also? (“Honey, this is an investment in our happiness, or at least my happiness. I don’t want the Yggy but I know I will wind up with it sooner or later, so why not buy it now?”) Hmm, needs a little work.

I have actually applied this reasoning myself regarding WAV acceptance. I went through a period of upgradeitis about 8-10 years ago and finally was met with “why don’t you buy what you want in the first place.” TRUE STORY.

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Hey! The argument worked, kinda like Congress works. I had to agree to a house infrastructure project and a new southern wall (kidding about the wall) but the Yggy is moments away from being Bought! Yea capitalism and stuff made in the USA. Where is my flag pin?