Yipes, what happened to my Roon install?

I’ve been away from Roon for some months. It was working fine the last time I used it several months ago but now it’s no longer in my application list and I don’t see any executable except the 64 bit installer I downloaded dated 1-11-2020 and a bunch of extensions. Should I just reinstall it using this installer or is there something younger? I’m running Windows 10 Pro, build 19041. No other issues on the machine that I am aware of. - Thanks

There have been several Roon updates since the last time you used it. I think it’s likely that Roon tried to do an automatic update when you started it up again recently. If the automatic update runs into a problem early in its process, that has the side effect of uninstalling Roon, so I’m guessing that’s what happened to you. (Note that it won’t remove any of your data when doing that. It’s a serious nuisance, but there’s no need to be alarmed.)

If you want to, I’d advise downloading the latest version from the Roon Downloads page and trying to install that manually. If it blows up for some reason, it should give an error message. Please take a screen shot of that and post in as a reply to this message. Of course, if the reinstall works, just carry on. If it fails, we’ll know more and can make some better suggestions.

I think your best bet is to uninstall what you have, there is a check box during the uninstall that preserves your Roon settings and library. BE CAREFUL, or you may have to start from scratch.

Then download the latest version and install

I did it a couple of times and had no problems.

On startup Roon will look for any changes in your watched folders since you stopped using

Good Luck

Thanks - working fine now.

Thanks, working fine now.