"You aren't currently signed into TIDAL"

This message has popped up and persisted for a couple of days. But I am signed in to TIDAL, listening right now with TIDAL casting to KEF LS50. I have power cycled router and equipment, which usually takes care of network problems. Any ideas?

You might try going to “settings/services” click “edit” next to the Tidal entry and log out of Tidal then log back in.

Hi @JChrisG,

I hope you don’t mind, I’ve moved your post over to our #support section where the tech support team can assist you directly.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having erroneous messaging around Tidal login. I’ve included some suggestions for troubleshooting below:

Forgive the redundance of this question, but just to confirm - you’re streaming TIDAL content directly through Roon to your KEF endpoint, but Roon still displays the logout message?

Once you’ve tried the logout/login step @bearFNF suggested, the next troubleshooting step here is to restart RoonServer on your SonicTransport Core. The server restart will refresh TIDAL login authorization and stabilize communication to TIDAL’s server from your Core.

Please let me know if this alleviates the symptoms you’re describing and we’ll proceed from there.

Thank you!

Thanks - I’ll try these steps when I have some time.

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Restarting the RoonServer on the Core fixed the problem. Thanks!

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