You can improve this site by

using a professional forum hosting package such a vBulletin. Roon is a class act piece of Software, your website and forum does not reflect that.

Not sure what you mean. This is one of the better forums that I’ve encountered. vBulletin feels antiquated in comparison.


I love this forum format…one of the better ones out there if you ask me.


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Hi @Robert_Joe,

Thanks for your feedback, what specific additional features / improvements would you like added / made to this site?

I like the forum format. I suggest you navigate it for a few weeks and get a feel for it. It’s a very simple forum program to use.

Welcome to Roon @Robert_Joe

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AHahahahaa. Discourse >>>> vBulletin, which was good about 10 years ago.

Some interesting comments, thanks to all.
Perhaps it is just new and I am used to vBulletin forums.
Let’s see what happens when I use it for a few weeks…

And? How do you like it?

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