"You haven’t added any music yet" on Overview for a few seconds then it goes away

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Description Of Issue

Hi @support when loading up the recent section or overview page in the remotes I get confronted with a message saying you haven’t added any music yet for a few seconds then it goes away and the recently played etc populates. It does this if remote has not been used for a few hours. It seems odd behaviour. Restarting Roon core does not make any difference. What could be causing this as its annoying. I know of one other user who’s experienced it to so not isolated to just me.

I’ve seen that too, I would imagine it needs to build up a profile from Roon servers after a while rather than use a local cache, hence the delay.

On my iPhone I see the same behavior. This erroneous message seems to be shown during the few seconds it lasts loading the ‘Recently Played/Added’ info from the core.

Hi All,

Can one of you please record as short video of this behavior?
I’d like to get this over to the team, thanks!

Here’s a short screen video from my iPhone which I believe shows the behavior @CrystalGipsy was alluding to:


I’m seeing this behaviour on my Android 10 phone (Nokia 7 Plus) as well. The initial delay (when it occurs) can be anywhere between 0.5 and 5 seconds.

Thanks for the video @Andreas_Philipp1, let me get this over to the team.
I will let you know once I have heard back from them regarding this behavior, thanks!

Thanks again everyone for the information here! I spoke to QA and we have filed a ticket to track this behavior, we appreciate the report!

Very similar to this issue, except that on my iphone the “You haven’t added any music yet!” prompt is consistent. I have plenty of new music added every day.

I’m running Roon ROCK Version 1.7 (build 555) stable on an intel
NUC8i7BEH 8GB RAM128GB M.2 SSD. All the music is stored on a local hard drive.

The iphone is an iphone 8 plus, running the latest version of ROON.

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Thanks for the report @Scott_Goo, we have filed a ticket with the team regarding this behavior.

Seeing the same behavior on my Android app too. So thinking it must be the rock.

Nothing to do with Rock, Roon controller is not persisting the cached list after it is first generated. At some point it drops it and you get the issue reported here. But according to some wise user @Neill_Strickland in another thread the cause is poor WiFi.

This data is retrieved from the core and likely Roons servers its not on the remote. Reboot your core as you see this in action on the remote as endpoints populate with playlists and now playing info much later than Roon being up. I have noticed this being much slower since the last update. So something is slowing this retrieval from the core or to the core It might be local network related but I think unlikely WiFi . Last time slow data was an issue it was Roons cloud infrastructure, but this could be a bug in the core.

Agreed, the data comes from the core, the fail here is lack of a persistent cache on the remote client, so it has to rebuild it time and time again. It’s definitely not a WiFi issue - also running ubiquiti network here with 5 AP’s and a switch. House is covered end to end as are front and back garden. Can stream Netflix, Prime and 24/192 to the furthest parts of the property without any hiccups.

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We will have to see what they come back with. I’m sure they will find the reason. They have acknowledged it so that’s a step in the right direction.

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I’ve been having this issue for months on my iPhone 8+. I’ve been patiently waiting for it to be solved and get my hopes up with every update but to no avail.
I’m getting pretty frustrated and I’m using ROON/ROCK much less these days because of this.
I’m fully up to date and running a recommended NUC7. My network is robust, simple and issue-less with every other device. This has persisted through changes in DNS and modems/ISP’s…everything.

My pleasure in using Roon has almost completely evaporated…please help.

We all have that issue on the iOS and Android remotes, but that doesn’t take away of the enjoyment of discovering and listening to music… It’s about the music, not the perfection of a user interface.

And, by the way, there are other real bugs that in my humble opinion should be taken care of before even thinking about this little glitch.

I agree it is about the music. There are no arguments there.
Perhaps you have less of an issue than me. Much of the time the Roon interface is unusable for me. Once I spend more time waiting, closing app, restarting, etc. than listening to music then I can appropriately say that my pleasure in using ROON has evaporated, not in listening to music. There is a big difference.

I am also having this same issue on an iPhone XS. It happens basically every time I try to load the recent area after I haven’t used the app in an hour or two. Any updates on a fix? I feel like every issue I report never gets resolved. Very frustrating considering the high price paid for Roon.

Hi @Derek_Crosby,

We have some improvements planned in this area, but I can’t quite share any timelines at this time.
Thank you for your interest and for your patience while we look into this further!