Youn Sun Nah, korean jazz singstress

It is not quite clear to me whether i should report faulty meta data in this subforum?
So heres an example:

The artist Youn Sun Nah is recognized correct on her other albums, but not on Voyage. There are two options when identifying, but none of them are correct.
On this one the artist is named “Youn Sun Nah 5” and on the other one (vinyl release only) the release date is 2015, which may be correct for the vinyl, but my paperback CD is © from 2009.

Weird, seems to be correct on my end… I don’t think I did anything special.

Apologies, just noticed that this album is ‘Unidentified’ on my end. Not sure what data it is using but everything shows up correctly and the album is tied nicely to her other albums.

I have the same problem as you described when I try to identify the album. Reverted back to ‘Unidentified’ :slight_smile:

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Rovi has a duplicate artist ID on this album. I’ll ask them to sort it out.

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Rovi’s response was that Youn Sun Nah 5 is the name of her quintet, so it will remain in the credits. However they did concede that the album artist should be Youn Sun Nah. Will take a few days for the changes to come through (which may not be ideal, but should make a bit more sense).

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Aha, didn’t understand what the “5” was all about!
Thanks for the feedback and effort @joel!

The artist name is correct. They are 3 different artists.

Ysn 5 is the name of her group when she was in France.

Metadata notwithstanding, thanks for the introduction to this artist.

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