Your Album of the Year (2018)

(Henri Serton) #21

Wow! That’s a great tip. What a fantastic album. :thumbsup:

(Sean) #22

Very talented young Australian woman. I saw her live earlier this year and had my socks blown off.

She plays all the instruments with her looping machine live on stage.

She tours the globe a LOT, so try to catch her next time she’s in your country (if you can).

(Henri Serton) #23

Sounds like a great idea! :slight_smile:

(Dick Vliek) #24

I loved the album at first, and still do. But somehow after a while it also feels like a little trick on repeat…


A wonderfully cool and relaxed jazz album from a great trio, thought as a tribute to guitarist Jim Hall and reedman Jimmy Giuffre. I discovered this album by chance and it was a revelation!


(Darko.Audio contributor) #26

By a long way - it’s my album of the decade so far :slight_smile:

(Darko.Audio contributor) #27

Although I have to say this is such a well judged follow up - twenty years later - to my album of the 90’s

(Chris ) #28

Agreed, it is amazing…

(Michael Conners) #29



I agree “Vanished Gardens” Charles Lloyd & The Marvels featuring Lucinda Williams.

It is wonderful and very hard to classify.

(Michael Conners) #31

it’s the addition of brass that stands this apart and shows Glen’s ever evolving sense of composition

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #32



Two of my candidates have already been mentioned, so I’ll pick another!

(Sean) #34

A fair observation. Sometimes the album does feel like it’s one big long track. But fortunately a really really good big long track hehe.

(Darko.Audio contributor) #35

Vanished Gardens. Easy - jazz country rock! Hey, who cares, it really is uplifting and so beautifully judged.

(Steve) #36

Wow, this is a find, thank you

(Greg Thompson) #37

This is my Dinner - Sun Kil Moon.

(Anders Vinberg) #38


Oh my, this is good. Thanks for posting!

(Sean) #40

Great summary. Superb drum work too.