Your Album of the Year (2018)

(Dirk De Taey) #104

Hi Phil
Thanks for your recommendations.

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(Martin Friberg) #105

Very happy to see some Low and Alva Noto mentioned already. I love the songwriting on Double Negative by Low, but by god how horrible that dynamic compression is. Pumping like crazy. Very unfortunate, because it is such a lovely album apart from that. This is what keeps me from adding it to my yearly list actually. :frowning:

My own best list is much, much longer than this, but to try to keep to a decent sized list in this thread, I am selecting three albums which sits above the rest for me:

2018%20-%20abul%20mogard 2018%20-%20gas 2018%20-%20hawthonn

(Nicholas) #106

+100 on Snail Mail. I literally couldn’t listen to anything else for days when this came out.

Also, GREAT thread overall. May I just say, you all have great taste in music. You most of all, @Jared_Devers. :wink:

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(Jim White) #107

Ditto here. What a great find!

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(Jim White) #108

Good one! Thanks for the tip.

(Jim White) #109

This one does not show up in a search of Roon. I wonder if it was removed?

(Andrew Krafthefer) #110

That’s a bummer. I don’t see it on Tidal either. If I remember right, when it initially came out they had it on there but one of the tracks was left off as “album only” so I went out and bought it. If you like their other stuff I would say it is a easy choice. The new piano player is a great fit with the band. I saw them play a show a few weeks ago and they had a great energy to them and you could tell they were having a lot of fun playing.

(Dan Levy) #112

A wonderful record!


Indeed a fantastic album!

(Michael Dahlstrom) #114

“Double Negative” by Low. No other album this year even came close.


(Dick Vliek) #115

(Derek Wyman) #116

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(Daniel Beyer) #117

Thanks I actually missed this ones release. :frowning:

(Michael Dahlstrom) #118

It’s sooooooooooooo goooooooooooood

(fedocable) #119

(fedocable) #120

Added it to the library, turned on the (tube) amp, put the headphones on, played it and then thought “boy, the tubes got up really noisy today!”.
Took me a while to realize that actually was the music :joy:
Great album!

(fedocable) #121

Talking about headphone music, check out this Bach on acid (I wouldn’t play track 3 on the speakers, if I were you)

(David W) #122

Variety of Styles!!

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