Your favourite albums?

(Paul Bolam) #41

Mark Hollis - Mark Hollis

Debut album.

(Paul Bolam) #42

Just downloaded this, great album!

(Wayne Bull) #43

Awesome album!

(Anders Vinberg) #44

After experimentation with discoveries and recommendations, I fall back on

(Brian Luczkiewicz) #45

@AndersVinberg, according to Roon, that’s my 34th most played album of all time (out of 30k plays, so that’s saying something)

@andybob, I’m apparently a fan of his Music For Airports. It’s my #11 most played album…mostly because I can play it at relatively loud volume in an open-layout house at night without waking anyone up. Your favorite is a different side of him for sure…

@Wayne_Bull1, I really enjoyed this, thanks.

(Wayne Bull) #46

As you’ll gather from my previous recommendations, I love late night moody music.

I discovered this album through a Tidal recommended playlist called Imaginary Twin Peaks.

This is super moody Jazz that gets occasionally creepy but has that ultimate late night feel that I just love.


Since this thread started with a Duke Ellington album, I will continue. I have 85 CDs of Ellington music, and he is certainly my favorite artist. Difficult to pick one album! Among my favourite tracks are the last 3 on “New Orleans Suite” (which can be argued is not overall his best album) :

  • Portrait of Sidney Bechet
  • Aristocracy a la Jean Lafitte
  • Portrait of Mahalia Jackson

Somehow, I find they encapsulate everything I love about Ellington: swing, clarity in complexity, subtlety, emotion, creativity…and tremendous class, for lack of a better word.

Knowing this is one of his last albums, and the one during which Johnny Hodges passed away (superb playing on the title track) - adds a feeling of nostalgia.

Interestingly, the album gets a poor review from Scott Yanow, which is what you will see in Roon. I will quote Eddie Lambert instead (from “Duke Ellington - A Listener’s Guide”): “The New Orleans Suite is not perhaps the most musically concentrated of Ellington’s concert suites, but it is a singularly satisfying one . It includes several movements comparable with his greatest achievements”.

Cheers !

(Brian Luczkiewicz) #48

Before February runs out…

An album from the best period of Dave Holland’s career (in my opinion)–roughly 1999-2009, when he was working with Chris Potter, Robin Eubanks and Steve Nelson.

The highlight of this one for me is Mental Images. The brass writing is incredible. Bring It On and Happy Jammy also stand out.

If you like this, there’s a second album from this recording session called What Goes Around. His other DARE2/Sunnyside releases with similar cover art are also good, particularly Critical Mass. To expand further, look to some of his late-90s/early-00s quintet releases on ECM.

(John B) #49

To the last minute attempt for February’s album.

Monoswezi - The Village.

This is a wonderful if unlikely mix of Nordic Jazz and African music from Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
Hallvard Godal (sax) Putte Johander (bass) and Erik Nylander (drums and percussion) joined by Hope Masike (mbira and vocals) and Calu Tsemane (vocals and percussion).

Enchanting and mesmerising and of such good sound quality, before the songs started to insinuate themselves into my brain I was struck by the beautiful recording. Something so clear spacious and joyous you’d wonder why all albums can’t sound this good.

If you are someone who makes their mind up quickly after a track or two start at track 3 and prepare to fall in love.



Was listening to this a few days ago. it’s one of my favorite albums. Their 2015 release Monoswezi Yanga is excellent as well


According to roon this is my most played album this month. :thinking:
It’s superb but I somehow doubt it’s my most played album

(Anders Vinberg) #52

Indeed. I have the others, had missed this one. Thanks.


Great ideas on new things to list to. I’ve been rediscovering guitar jazz lately and have been doing something that I rarely do these days, which I used to do in high school/college and that’s listen to an album over and over and over again until my brain is full.

Can’t get enough of :


Wow, thanks for sharing. Love this stuff, too. No doubt you know Jan Garbarek’s stuff. But in case not, try

My favorite journey is to start in familiar harmonic territory, and then rise into pure sound expression, though not atonality for atonality’s sake. Garbarek does that frequently.

Also, you might be interested in Morton Feldman for some thinky late night stuff.

But Bohren & der Club of Gore, definitely adding some of their stuff to my collection.

(Paul Bolam) #55

Cracking album, listened to it over many years

(Andrew Cox) #56

I see Harvest and am reminded of another great album produced by Jack Nitzsche. Great songs, great production and bravura macho performance. Listening now it feels like nothing to do with Punk or New Wave. Firmly rooted in R&B; like a cross between CCR, Velvet Underground, Dion and Leonard Bernstein. Jack said Willy DeVille was the finest vocalist he ever worked with.

(Roland) #57

Talk Talk : Laughing Stock
Not on Tidal, as far as I can see - correct ? I’ve had a look & just want to be sure that I’ve not made a schoolboy error…so if anyone could confirm…I’d be grateful.
Thanks !

(Ronnie) #58

Yep, it’s available on Tidal UK alright…can’t speak for other territories though :slight_smile:

(Paul Bolam) #59

Very good production, sounds great through headphones.

(Peter Brown) #60

Quah is the first solo album by Jorma Kaukonen of Hot Tuna and Jefferson Airplane. The album was recorded with Tom Hobson.