Your new Roon / HQ Player server?

Want to upsample to DSD 512 with xtr filters and EC modulators in a mini ITX form factor with 28 cores and CUDA support ?

Warning: Your peril sensitive sunglasses may kick in when you look at the price of the Platinum Xeon 8180 CPU.


That won’t do it, 2.5 GHz base clock and 3.8 GHz maximum turbo will spoil it. You will need at least four cores running at minimum 4 GHz for DSD256. Or four cores running at 8 GHz for DSD512. At the moment… :slight_smile:

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You need to pair it with this SSD -

So i7-7700K is preferred to i7-9700K ?

So something like an AMD RYZEN 7 3700X for DSD 256.

More affordable to be sure plus it can handle Slim’s new drive !

3800X has higher base frequency (3.9G).

Likewise i7-7700K has higher base than i7-8700K and i7-9700K.

I see some people having success with i7-9700K though.

And DSD256 is the only thing anyone is trying to conquer with the new EC modulators (with ext2).

The first person to conquer DSD512 with ext2 and ASDM7EC (real-time, not offline) shall be crowned ‘King/Queen of The World’.

Then we can turn to DSD 1042. The Holo Spring II will do it. Probably need to helium cool the server though…

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I saw Jussi say the sweet spot for Spring II is around DSD256 anyway (his measurements).

But still, someone may prefer DSD512 and/or DSD1024 of course.