Your Nice Photos - list camera details too if you like [2024]

Puffins triptych, Faroe Islands
Nikon D700, Nikon 80-200 F2.8 ED


I took my photos of Puffins on the Atlantic side. Lunga in the Threshnish Isles. Taken in 2007!

Edit: Taken with a Canon 5D, a Sigma 70-200 EX DG and a Kenko 1.4X converter at a combined focal length of 205mm. The only part of that kit that I still have is the Kenko 1.4X converter :slight_smile:

The 5D was replaced when the mirror failed and the lens just can’t keep up with modern high resolution sensors.

The R5 that I have now is a much better camera in so many ways - but I still miss the colour reproduction of the 5D - which was stellar.


Puffin Billy ??? Great picture ,

I had a visit to the Faroes years back , watch out for Terns and wear a hat !!


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I think I may have been on that boat!

One of my friends coming out of his freshly pigeon proofed feeding table.
That’s his wife in the background. Nice bird…


Found it …

I thought the always came with a beak full of fish :rofl: :rofl:

Olympus OM4 / Tamron 300 mm 2.8 /Fuji Reala


I loved my Olympus OM4 (my second camera - my first was an OM10):

  • The metering flexibility was superb - especially for high-key images (like this one) and low-key images.
  • The interchangeable focus screens made it easier than most to see and focus accurately with f5.6 and darker lenses.
  • It was really compact without being awkward to use.

Mine had been upgraded to OM4 Ti electronics so the batteries would even last for a couple of rolls of film :rofl:

Unfortunately, I sold It to fund my first DSLR - a Canon 300D - and, ever since, I have regretted selling it. Especially as, to buy one now, complete with 50mm f1.8, it would cost more than twice as much as I got for mine sold with 50mm f1.8, Sigma 70-300 f5.6 zoom, Olympus 24mm f2.8, Vivtar series 1 28-90mm f2.8, auto-winder and Vivitar flash gun. If I had my time again, I would definitely have kept it.

I was trying to remember, I think mine were OM4 Ti , they certainly gobbled batteries I bought 20 packs via a friend who was into watch repairs. I had a OM 2SP initially the 2 x OM4 and a veritable bag full of Zuiko lenses.

Same story i too traded mine in for digital, a Canon D 30. I was finding film progressively harder to find, the end was when I had to scour 4 shops to get 15 rolls of Fujichrome for a Kruger Park holiday

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Ironincally, film is easier to source now than it was then. Having said that, if you are not into doing it yourself, then getting the film processed is still problematical - and somewhat expensive.

Indeed. A couple of times I was left relying on the the 1/60th second mechanical shutter and the ‘Sunny 16’ rule to take photographs after the batteries had given up the ghost.

Very sharp (esp. with a 1.4x) and great bokeh + position to take that shot,

Yes. It is sharp - but you have to remember that the Canon 5D was a 12 Mpixel Full frame camera - so the demands upon the lens are less than any of Canon’s APS DSLRs other than the D30 equating as it does to a 4.7 MPixel APS camera. The Canon D60, 10D and 300D and later APS cameras all have (at least marginally) higher resolution than the 5D.

When I got my R5, I tried putting the same lens on it (without the converter) to check for compatibility and I found that the lens would work with the R5 but it was completely incapble of providing the resolution and sharpness that the R5 demanded. The lens had to go - and was replaced by the Canon RF70-200 F2.8 (Since then I have acquired a Canon EF 100-400 F4.5-5.6 Mk11 so that lack of converter compatibility does not matter too much).

And another point: The low pixel 5D was much more forgiving of less than perfect technique than the R5 so pixel level sharpness was much easier to achieve.

The bokeh comes largely from being so close to the Puffins. It was shot at F5.6 (F4 on the lens). Here is a shot of my (at the time) 10 year old son taken on the same day and more or less the same location which shows how close to the Puffins we were:

And here is a shot that shows more detail of the background also taken on the same day:

The land on the horizon is Coll


Had a short but strenuous walk today, a visit to Golden Cap the highest point on the south coast of the UK (191m/627 feet) and ascended from sea level…
Pics all courtesy of an Apple iPhone 15 pro, my Canon gets used only on rare occasions these days…

John Wyndham was right, one dead Triffid…

Another “Trig Point” (or Trigonometrical station)…

Looking Down…

Looking East…

Looking West…

More West…

St.Gabriel’s Chapel built Circa 12th/13th Century

St.Gabriel’s Manor House (Circa C18) now National Trust Holiday apartments…


Yup, Lens have to cope with many MegaPixels these days for sharpness. I sold a Nikon D4s 16mp and miss its sharpness and colours…(+ ergonomics, speed, battery life :person_shrugging:) … this Emperor Dragonfly in flight is part of a set that is the tuff-ist subject I have tried to capture and only 2 cameras I have used could get this. One being a Nikon D4s ISO 1000 f/11 1/4000s 400mm (Nikon lens)


I’ve spent hours attempting to get ‘Dragon Fly in flight’ images. You would think that they would be simple because they often ‘patrol’ in a very definite pattern so you can often prodict more or less where they will be - but somehow it never works out like that. Anyway, I’m still trying :slight_smile:

I did, however, get some images of Hobbies catching and eating Dragon Flies:


Amazing pix …

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I hope you don’t mind that I have used the last one as background for my iPhone :grinning:


This is the one that I use for my phone wallpaper:

This is just one of those lucky shots. I was in a bird hide looking out of an end window with my camera on a Tripod and decided to pack up. As I turned around, camera in hand - and with the tripod still attached, I saw this grey squirrel. So, it was taken hand held - but with a tripod dangling providing a stabilising mass. 2 Seconds later, the squirrel was gone.


WOT NO PEANUTS :smiling_imp:

An inquistive mongoose giving me the look early one morning


First weekend stroll with my new ride (BMW i4 e35).
The Color is called Sanremo Green Metallic, I think it looks very British (Racing Green).