Your Nice Photos - list camera details too if you like

Scarborough was pretty run down. I think we stayed for two hours and most of that was in the Vinyl record shop and Wetherspoons. We discovered a place called Boggle Hole, which was basically a very quiet cove/beach. It’s a great name for a location :sunglasses:

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Sounds like a really nice break, and great pictures!

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Thanks. Yes, we had a great time :sunglasses:.
There was however one thing that slightly upset me. It has become a thing in the UK to leave an engraved message of love on a plaque or padlock, usually near to water (we have an engraved padlock in Liverpool next to the river Mersey). I saw this one amongst many hundreds in Whitby and wondered what could have occurred to create such a sad statement :frowning_face:


A great collage of lovely photos. Beautiful area, and I’m now a little disappointed that I decided to drop that area from a very long road trip that I did around the UK the last time I could travel back in 2019.

Thank you for sharing.

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That is just weird.

A familiar story if I must be honest.:worried:

Currently hiking and catching some amazing views at Allegheny National Forest!


Whitby was a regular haunt when I lived in Yorkshire. Great memories.

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Some more cool photos from earlier today.


Rainy morning. Found this guy clinging to my door’s glass. Don’t typically get this view in my backyard.


Juvenile iguana was being nosy looking in our kitchen window…Didn’t want to leave!


Called an Arum Lily in South Africa, plenty growing self set in my garden

Took a trip to the Virginia mountains (Blue Ridge Parkway) for our anniversary.



And here’s a baby iguana I not so long ago found under my bed, where it was looking for refuge from a couple of cats… The intense green color on baby iguanas is really beautiful.


Nice. Glad our iguanas never get inside the house. Some really large ones out there in our neck of the woods in Southern Florida.

Riders on the storm
Nam Tso lake, Tibet


Bridge & prayer flags, Lhasa, Tibet


I was stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base in the 1970’s. Being young and dumb, I regret not having explored more of the area. It was beautiful. I recall my wife and I getting or VW beetle stuck in a ditch in the farm country there. A local farmer literally grabbed the fender and lifted that bug right out of the ditch. They’re a hardy stock in the Eifel Mountains.


Corona Arch.

Check out Corona Arch Swing on Youtube. I think the BLM has outlawed the swinging, but it’s impressive to see in person. I regret I never got a chance to try it myself.