Your Screen Size Is Too Small

When I start Roon a message is displayed- “Your screen size is too small. Try running Roon Maximized or Fullscreen.” I click fullscreen and it operates as it should.

My screen is set to 2160 X 1080p. Are there any plans to support hi resolution displays? I’d like to run Roon in a Window.

Also, is ther a way to minimize Roon from Full/Maximized using only a mouse? As it is right now, I find it a bit cludgy.

Windows 10 latest
16GB Memory
250GB Internal HDD
Output via HDMI to TV
Samsung 60" TV



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Your high resolution screen is not running in true high resolution. It is displaying a lower resolution scaled to higher resolution. That is the problem.


OK but what if I have other reasons to want this resolution?

Hi @Jimme_Ross,

When viewing Display settings, is Change the size of text, apps, and other items set to 100%?

I will check it this evening. Currently I do not know.

Screen resolution is set to 2160 X 1080p by my PC’s video card. The TV is not upscaling. I will also now try setting my PC’s video output to something lower like 1440 X 760 if changing the display text change does not help.

Sheese; after setting my PC’s resolution to 1400X700 Roon ran in a window. It is the ONLY Windows application I have encountered in over thirty years that does not run in a window. Weird. So I request from Roon to allow it to run in a window at 2160X1080 and higher on Windows.

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