YouTube now part of the singles charts

Starting this week, streams financed by advertising will also be included in the chart survey.

Constance (mis) - The German singles charts are moving closer to the listening habits of music lovers. Starting this week, ad-financed audio and video streams will also be included in the determination of the charts. Until now, the charts have been based on sales of CDs, LPs, downloads, radio plays and paid premium music streams only. Youtube, however, has been left out of this so far. From the current week (December 30 to January 6), the provider with free as well as premium streams is part of the chart survey, according to GfK Entertainment.

How this decision will affect the release policy of musicians is likely to be exciting. The incentive to put new full-length albums on YouTube could increase with this decision. It is also conceivable that music videos will once again become the focus of attention. For the established stars, this expansion probably changes little, which can be matched in the future on the basis of the singles charts and YouTube trends.

YouTube Music is currently one of the fastest growing premium music providers internationally. In September, the service had 50 million subscribers. Front-runner Spotify stands at 165 million subscribers.

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