Zappa YCDTOSA Box Set

I have tried to import the 6 CD sets that are part of this collection. Each set has 2 CDs. The information that Roon returns is completely incorrect for all of the sets. It is wrong in so many ways: duplicate songs; songs; incorrect tracks for the listed titles; creating a 4 CD grouping when only one CD has been imported, etc. I don’t see anyway of correcting this information but at the database level, as there are an overwhelming amount of errors for each of the 6 sets. I have deleted/re-added the CD’s using various methods with no luck. I have looked through the files of each imported CD, and I can find nothing wrong.

Eureka! I had entered this data as “You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol.6”. iTunes doesn’t like the period and Roon can’t differentiate sets when you add the comma. These discs have to be entered as “You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Vol6” in order to correctly (eventually) populate. Hope this helps future users entering these discs.

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