(Zdeněk Košler / Zdenek Kosler not equivalents

The accented (Zdeněk Košler) and non-accented (Zdenek Kosler) versions of the conductor are not being equivalented. This leads to duplicates, messy screens and dead links. This is happening quite a bit with Czech artists so it is a general problem:

Thanks for letting us know, @tripleCrotchet — We’re looking into this.

Thanks Dylan,

Here is another one. I find it often with Czech composers. Is there a pattern with the Czech accents?

Hi @tripleCrotchet,

Can you share a screenshot of your import settings and some screenshots of the file tags for this album?

These are my import settings:

I don’t understand the second part of your question. This is a Qobuz album. I have absolutely no idea what you mean when you say “some screenshots of the file tags for this album”. Can you tell me exactly what sequence of roon edit instructions you want me to follow and what screens you are expecting? For a local file I would just give you a screenshot from mp3tag but I don’t really know what your question means in terms of a streamed file I cannot edit with mp3tag.

@tripleCrotchet The screenshot of the Also Sprach Zarathustra album in your first post suggests that the album is local content (even if it happens to be a Qobuz download).

I find I have to add almost all Qobuz content to my local library if I want to play via roon. In general the roon/Qobuz metadata integration is so poor as to be essentially unusable. If I add to my local library although there are very limited editing options i can at least add some basics, like composer, artist and even track names. All of which are routinely missing.

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