Zen Stream set up as new core

Roon ready Zen Stream purchased from Roon store, Roon app on all devices can’t find the core

What is your Roon Core machine?
And I assume the ZS is on the same network as your Roon Core?

This sounds like you think that your Zen Stream can be a Roon Core, which of course it can’t. . Maybe it’s just the way you’ve phrased it?

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@Timothy_Vogt, @AceRimmer and I welcome you to the community. The Zen Stream is Roon Endpoint device, not a Core (Roon’s name for the computer hosting the database and control functions).

Have you set up your system following these guidelines:

Can the Zen be a core? I have it hooked up to internet router, a Dac/amp, and USB external hard drive.

No, it is an Endpoint, something TO which Roon streams, but not a computer FROM which Roon streams, which is the Core computer.

Got it (obviously out of my depth here), can a Nucleus serve as a core.

Yes, or a Mac, PC, Linux computer, or a NAS, or you can create your own Nucleus-type server using an Intel NUC and Roon’s free server software.

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Thank you for your swift reply and patience with my ignorance, I understand now.