Zero second long tracks crash Roon core

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

7i5 NUC, with Rock

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired core, wireless endpoint(s).

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Integrated streamer, dac, amp.

Description Of Issue

Playing 0 second long tracks of silence will crash the core!

“Under the Table and Dreaming”, Dave Mathews Band, has 11x 0 second long tracks, before track #34… I’ve never heard track 34 in sequence, playbacl breaks after the first zero second long track. I have to restart the “Roon Server Software” from the web interface in order to play anything again!

Hi @mikeb,

Can I please ask that you send me this album via private message?
I would like to try to reproduce on my end with this album, thanks!

PM sent…

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Any update?

Hi @mikeb! Thanks for sending those files over, I can confirm receipt of them and I have forwarded to our QA team for closer inspection. Once I have further news from QA, I’ll reach out again, thanks!

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