Zidoo devices Roon Ready? [No, still in development with the RAAT SDK]


It would appear this and other models in the range are claiming Roon Ready… I hope they are but I dont see them on the partner matrix…can anyone confirm? @John

This one too? Jing Feng DestinY MX-3A Pro Music Player and Streamer

Interesting player this hd3000, I think is first a video streamer than audio, but it really appear on their website some devices advertised as roon ready.

This seems to be an alarming growing trend .
Manufacturers claiming Roon Ready when in reality the majority are not even Roon Tested.

If in doubt consult the Roon partner list FIRST before buying anything based on these " claims"

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Where to get model 3000? Thanks

You right. I don’t trust china.

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Just about everything is made in China - but the claims of Roon Ready are always going to be there, so one must do due diligence and check for all the right things before pulling the trigger.

I was looking at the UHD3000 as a video streamer but was surprised to see the Roon Ready so started asking questions of the seller in my country. So maybe it will prompt an initiation of Roon certification, who knows.

Found one, ship from UK. $1028.

Can anyone in UK confirm. This is good store?

Zidoo is in development with the RAAT SDK and has a device in testing for Roon Ready certification.

We can’t speak to the timeline of when they will complete their work or which devices they will offer as Roon Ready in the end, but you will be able to know authoritatively which devices are certified once their partner page goes live.

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Nice to know. Thanks Rob @rob

But not actually Roon Ready right now and one never can tell exactly how long that certification process may take if ever as has been seen before.

So would not advise buying one on the assumption that it will become Roon Ready and then be disappointed when/ if it takes a long time to become reality.


I know the process.

I am sure you do but my post was not really for your benefit, rather for members less knowledgeable about the process than you or I.

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