ZMF headphones?

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone in the community own a set of ZMF headphones? If so, what is your experience with their customer service process, if any? Also, does anyone else have an issue with high-end audio equipment manufacturers not having phone support? Thanks.

I have a pair of ZMF Eikon cans in Padauk wood.

I did have occasion to email ZMF a couple times prior to purchasing these from a user on HeadFi.

They were very responsive and prompt to reply even though I was not planning to buy a new set from them.

So ZMF at least gets a thumbs up from myself on their email customer service.

I own several ZMF headphones. They’ve always been very responsive online, even to complicated questions. Much better than the kind of “phone support” I get from big companies. I’d rather get an email answer from Zach than a by-the-script phone answer from a support intermediary.

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Hi Fernando,

Thanks for the response. Maybe, I’ve just been unlucky with getting a response from ZMF. Although, Zach did respond initially. I’ll try again to reach out to him. Now, what is your opinion of the build, sound signature, comfort and overall quality of ZMF’s merchandise?

I’m interested in the Verite model. I’ve heard good things about the closed-back and open-back options. Do you own either of these? Thanks, again.

I switch between two locations. Here, I have Verité open silkwood (my first ZMF headphones) and VC monkeypod. At the other location, I have Auteur blackwood and VC stabilized maple burl. I use the closed headphones during the day or in other situations where I want to keep outside noise out. Otherwise, I use the open ones. I have also different sources for different situations. Roughly, I prefer the solid state amps (ecp DSHA-3F, Hugo 2, even my SP1000M DAP) with the closed headphones, and tube amps (Eddie Current Aficionado) with the open ones. This may be because the VCs have cup reverb that is somewhat tamed by the drier solid-state amps.

My favorite chain for jazz and chamber music (my main genres) is Holo Spring 2 KTE > EC Aficionado > Auteur blackwood.

Thanks Fernando. Many people have spoken highly of the VC. Part of owning these headphones is the aesthetic, as well, I would imagine. Currently, they don’t seem to have a lot of options.

The aesthetics are something, but both sound and comfort are high in my estimation. On the sound front, what stands out is a combination of tonal density and speed that fits well the kind of music I listen to. Most played 25 albums of the last several years according to Roon:

Little Big Aaron Parks
Find the Way Aaron Parks/Ben Street/Billy Hart
In the Heart of the Moon Ali Farka Touré/Toumani Diabaté
Claroscuro Anat Cohen
Bach: The Wohltemperierte Klavier András Schiff
Beethoven: Diabelli Variations András Schiff
Blue Maqams Anouar Brahem
Chamber Music Ballaké Sissoko/Vicent Segal
The Seasons Ben Wendel
The Intercontinentals Bill Frisell
Music IS Bill Frisell
Small Town Bill Frisell/Thomas Morgan
Passin’ Thru Charles Lloyd New Quartet
Nightfall Charlie Haden/John Taylor
Hudson DeJohnette/Grenadier/Medeski/Scofield
The Wind Kayham Kalhor
East West Time Line Kevin Eubanks
Trickster Miles Okazaki
Lovers Nels Cline
Of Agency and Abstraction Rajna Swaminathan
Voces de Sefarad Romina Basso
Pelagos Stefano Battagia
Accelerando Vijay Iyer Trio
Rising Grace Wolfgang Muthspiel
Angular Blues Wolfgang Muthspiel/Scott Colley/Brian Blade

Good list… I just picked up a Focal Utopia instead of Verite.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your feedback.

By the way, I am starting to get a handle on the term “speed” as it is bandied about to describe the sonic experience with headphones. I listened to the Meze Empyrean Elite over the weekend and it was fast/speedy and clean. That is one WOW headphone. I tried them with an AK Kann Alpha listening to Compton by Dr. Dre. I heard every detail with such clarity, whoa!