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I have a Nucleus that just stopped displaying my Cambridge Audio CXN music streamer. The system was fine yesterday, but when I booted up Roon today the CNX was not there. All other zones are fine. The system is hard wired ethernet and Roon/Nucleus has been working flawlessly since I purchased it last October.
I’ve checked all connections and have rebooted Nucleus and the CXN.

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How are you connecting the Nucleus to the CXN? Ethernet or USB?

Asking because I had a similar experience with a Roon Ready OPPO 205 using USB to my NUC/ROCK (diy nucleus). For that I disconnected the USB cable, power cycled the NUC then reconnected the USB cable. The connection was reestablished after that. Power cycling with the USB cable connected did not fix the issue. Seems like it has to recognize the empty USB port then recognize the new attachment. Don’t know but it worked.

Mike, thanks for the reply. I have been doing some additional checking and just found out it is the CXN that is at fault. It won’t respond to its own StreamMagic software. All of the digital inputs work which fooled me initially. The wifi/eathernet section is the culprit. I have an email in to their tech support.