Zone recognition - Olive 04HD server

Perhaps you guys can point me in the right direction. Totally in love with Roon running from a PC to my dac (PS Audio DSjr) via wired ethernet, although I would like to incorporate all files from my Olive 04HD streamer too. Use Roon control to, erm, control it from an iPad etc.

How can I get the system to recognise it, maybe add it as a folder? I don’t think Roon “sees it”.

Not sure if other olive users will chime in but let’s flag @support and I have moved this to the support threads

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Thanks. Apparently no go since the Olive is UPnP.


There might still be some way to access the library of files on it if that’s what you wanted, but maybe not as an endpoint.

Google maybe has some links to gain smb access to the olive data/music folders

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I don’t think you need UPnP support to get this working if you’re just looking to access the Olive’s storage.

@wizardofoz is right – if the Olive support SMB, this should work.

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