Zone Selector is cumbersome

As soon as you have more than a couple of zones, the Zone Selector gets cumbersome. I appreciate that it’s in alphabetical order, but that’s not how I think of my zones.

I would prefer a customisable tile arrangement. You have line art for the devices. You could also allow people to drop images of the zones in (a picture of the living room, etc…). Would be ideal in that scenario to allow zones to stay in the selector when not currently accessible (greyed out, obviously).


Agree with the above, and as was mentioned elsewhere, would prefer to be able to do zone transfers here too. Also to save grouped zones (and their names). Definitely prefer user graphics for zones and groups.

Personally I would prefer no tickboxes on zone selection, so when you select a zone it’s single press and the menu then disappears. If you want to group or make changes or whatever, then tickboxes make sense on the subsequent page after pressing group (or setup).

The play/pause icons could be a little bigger, and the pause all zones items made more like buttons and spaced out vertically a bit more too.

Agreed - I should have put that in my post originally. Even though I’ve been using Roon forever, I still go to the zone selector to transfer zones, where it has never been. It would just be more logical. (If the zone selector were graphical, one could even drag and drop!)

Agreed. I requested this some time ago but there was no response. I don’t know if that was disinterest or disagreement or whether the request hasn’t yet been addressed.

I agree. In my workflow—which I suspect is not atypical—I rarely group and reconfigure zones, but often select a new one to change the playing track or as I’m moving about the house. I would prefer the most common use for that button require the minimum number of clicks.