Zone settings for a remote on a MacBook

Hi, Have the core on a Windows Asus VivoMini and set up a remote on a MacBook however slightly confused regarding the Zone settings!. There are two zones showing for the MacBook one marked as MacBook and the other as system output. I can select and play files on the internal speakers and headphone out using the Macbook zone however nothing happens when i select the system ouput zone ( Play button is greyed out ). Strangely yesterday i was using the system output zone and connected via a pair of AT bluetooth headphones with success.

Thanks for the input. Played around with the zone settings, Disabled built-in output then set volume control to DSP volume in the system out Zone. Now all appear to be working. About 7 days into the trial period and must confess i am very impressed so far and looks like my bank account is about to get a hammering.

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