Zone transfer in 1.8

Day 2 of the new Version 1.8 and… what happened to my ability to transfer music which is currently playing from one zone to another?

Never mind… solved it. Sorry!

For what it’s worth, it seems snappier to me…

LOL - I think you’re correct!

so how do you do it? i can’t figure it out. i’d assumed the functionality was no longer there.

Never mind. I just figured it out too. Right click on current zone and menu pops up.

It’s also available (with the stacked double-arrow icon) in the Volume menu between DSP and Settings. I couldn’t find it in 1.8 when I first looked for either! :slight_smile:

Not sure why they couldn’t put it WITH the zones instead of a right click. Another of those ‘makes little sense’ niggles in 1.8.

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