Zone will not enable since updating to Roon 1.6

iMac as Core has been running fine. It is connected as and endpoint to Firefly via USB to stereo. iMac and Firefly works fine with uTube and other audio content.

Updated Roon yesterday and now the zone with imac and firefly is enabling…for ever. I have tried rebooting and turning Roon off and on but its still enabling. All other zones work fine

Hello @Kenneth_Eis,

In MacOS, if you select the “Firefly” as the system sound output and play to the “System Output” zone in Roon, are you able to hear sound from the device?


Is the Firefly setup as exclusive use in roon?

No its not exclusive and you wouldn’t want it to be. Roon will always use it as an endpoint but anything your iMac produces with sound wise like uTube videos can be directed through the Firefly or the internal speakers in the iMac.