Zoned Out - Cannot Group

I have a main zone and I had wanted to group it with a Chromecast Audio which I had sitting about. I know the topic of greyed out Group Zones has been discussed many times, and there was mention of Private Zone (the setting for which I cannot seem to find).

This Chromecast Audio zone is to power a small speaker near my wife’s workstation.

Is this the issue?

I should/could be more specific. I do not mind purchasing an end point that can be grouped with my Aries. G2 and placed next to my wife’s work area. I just happened to find a Chromecast Audio and a Chromecast (video) in a drawer in my garage. I was not, and do not need, to use them. So I am open for suggestions. Whatever it is will be played at low volume level so she can field calls

If you want to group a zone with the Aries G2, the other device will need a compatible communication protocol. I’d presume you are using the Aries in its Roon Ready configuration, so you’d need another Roon Ready Roonbridge.

Does the speaker already have a DAC/amp built in?

This may be a more complex solution for a low priority need. Thank you. I had hoped that SONOS (have many) could be grouped with the Aries G2, but it cannot. Thank you very much for your time.


Sonos, Chromecast, Squeezebox, and Roon’s own RAAT are individual protocols. Only devices using the same protocol can be grouped.

There are a lot of potential issues trying to get a mixed protocol grouping according to the devs, including timing. However, if that is of interest you can add you voice to an existing Feature Request.

No, it was not a feature request, merely a redundantly asked “what small speaker” could be “grouped” with the Auralic G2. SONOS cannot be grouped with the G2 nor can the Chromecast Audio. Again, as my wife said, just crank up the volume and play Free Bird.

I may order a Bluesound Flex 2i w/battery pack as a portable ROON player. I hope they have resolved the problem with it disconnecting and also hope that it readily joins a group with our Auralic G2.

The good news is that almost every place that sells these offers an extended period to try, and return for refund if you aren’t satisfied. There isn’t much of a downside to trying it to see if it works.

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