Zones and single endpoints

is it possible to add lets say 2 endpoints (A,B) into one Zone (X) and do the following use case:

  1. do a playback into the Zone X so both endpoints do a playback - should be fine
  2. while there is no playback to 1) ie Zone X; do a playback to lets say only A or B


Hi @John_Smith

No, it is not possible to have a Zone both in a group and out of a group at the same time. If you want to play to one specifically you’ll need to remove it from the group.

this is insanely impractical. do you plan to fix it?

@dylan @noris
is there ANY update to this BUG?

I’m wondering if there is some sort of misinterpretation here. It takes about 3 seconds to ungroup a zone and play to an individual zone. Do it daily.

@mark_barry1 why should one do this? group / ungroup manually on daily basis - thats pointless and completely user unfriendly … instead of having Endpoint ; or endpoint as part of the zone … and one can choose where to stream…

It’s not a bug, it’s been designed that way. I agree it’s a tad impractical to have to group and ungroup them but I suspect most usage is likely ungrouped play it’s not a something that’s been called out for a lot. I have 9 zones and have used group play about once in 4 years. I suggest you put in a feature request. If you feel it’s something Roon needs.

@dylan @noris

From my point of view its bug; each Zone should act as a new / single (additional) endpoint and keeps original devices/endpoints which are part of that zone to be able to be selected if required. If one has so many zones / endpoints and is not using endpoints which are part of specific zone - there should be option to hide endpoint from the list of devices; for sure not to remove endpoint from the list if its part of the zone.

Can someone open that bug / feature request?


It is not a bug Roon is working as designed, I’ve just marked this topic as solved and this topic will automatically close in 2 days.

Feature requests from users can be created in the #roon:feature-requests section of the forum … Describe what you want and why you believe it’s important. This section of the forum is monitored by Roon’s product team (different people to their support team).

okay, thanks

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