Zones Confusion

Hello Roon community!

My current setup:

  • Bluesound Node on my main system (Naim Supernait 3)
  • Two Bluesound Flex 2i’s in the kitchen
  • Roon Core (for now) is my Macbook Pro 2016

I’m soon to get a Naim NDX2 streamer on my main system. I’m going to move the Bluesound Node to my “B” system in my office.

Questions are:
How do you set up Zones in Roon? Roon desperately needs a tab or clarity on where and how Zones work, are edited, and how they are created.

Currently I’d like to have A) Main, B) Kitchen, C) Office, D) Bedroom, etc. Is this possible?

Can Zones work independently or together, as to your choice?

Can you mix and match gear (Naim Mu-so and Bluesound speakers)?

Example scenarios:
I’d like to play the kitchen Flex 2i’s and not the main stereo.

I’d like to play everything (all zones) together synchronously.

I’d like to play the main system, living room, and kitchen zones.

Hi Jason

You can group devices of the same protocol, so you group Sonos device’s together using SonosNet and Roon Ready device’s can be grouped using the RAAT protocol. You can also mix devices that use Airplay.
These are not limited by manufacturer, but at the protocol level.

You can create multiple groups and having different thing’s playing to them network quality and bandwidth allowing.

Hopefully this helps a little

Setting zones or groups as Roon called is it is east but you can’t have them active as well as single endpoints which is annoying.

To create them select one of the zones from the endpoint picker in remote and then click on group and choose the other endpoints to group it with.

Adding new devices in Roon is just adding them in the audio settings. When you get your ndx2 it will show up in there and you enable it

Any endpoints using Roon Ready streaming can be grouped and played as one group. If you want to then not play to a group you have to remove the endpoint from the group. This is a pain in the neck and something they need to sort out. You should be able to have single endpoints and groups separately.

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This is helpful. I found this while playing around with the Roon app, but found it confusing to actually use.

Feature request: Zones as a tab with easy and clear zone control and management.

Raise it as a feature request but personally don’t see a problem.

Maybe like or similar to this feature ask?


Yeah similar.

You have a right to your opinion. Do you like the way it works, or do you think it could use improvement?

I presume you were asking me, though you asked yourself.
I think it works fine.
Press icon, press group, select the zones.

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I think that it would be “nice” to be able to create groups of zones for “events” or for listening to them same music in the rooms you frequent. Like if you are having a party and want the Livingroom, music room, backyard, garage, patio, etc. to play for the party. You would create a preset group for it and only need to select it to play to all those zones. Or you want the kids music to only play in their areas (bedrooms, game room, etc.). Not that I have that many zones or kids or anything, but some families I know are large and could benefit from this kind of set-up. I know there are some people that have 20+ zones and this could be useful for them.

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no idea why this was closed

But the functionality described there is still missing and i assume required by so many ppl.

Is it possible to provide some feedback to it?

I’m not sure why the thread was closed, but this is a common feature request that has been discussed many times before. It’s something that we intend to address, but we do not have a timeline for it.


I think the thread timed out.

Yes seems like a cool feature to add, as I see the zoning feature becoming more and more needed as folks add various Roon Ready devices to their systems.

I see Roon as the overall manager of what I play around the house and where.

It did,

“This topic was automatically closed 36 hours after the last reply.”
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I’ve re-opened and merged in the new topic.

hi brian, by ‘this’ do you mean the ability to address discrete nodes even if they’re part of an existing group?

this would be VERY welcome, yes.


edit: it’s in fact the reason i don’t use groups, it’s too difficult to move in and out of them. also, i use an automation system (indigo and many supporting apps) to run everything in the house, and that also complicates things re: groups, as each time i change/add/delete a roon group i have to reattach the groups in indigo (via plugin)… very cumbersome. so, i don’t use it.

Yes, among other things.


@Carl @brian would be nice to provide some ETA.